Happy Easter 2015

Easter Greetings 2015Happy Easter from Paris, Teenie and Jeannie.

Paris is our Sphynx queen with due date 10 April.

Teenie is our cheeky Bambino queen with due date 8 April.

Last but not least is our youngest red and white Bambino queen Jeannie with due date 24 April. This will be Jeannies first litter and we are very excited about this.

The father to all 3 expected litters is Curiouspinks corner stone, our stud cat , Cupid. Cupid was the first Elf cat registered in Norway. He has produced wonderful kittens and remains a loving family pet who likes nothing better than a good cuddle with his family

Exciting happenings for Curiouspinks

Lizzie is pregnant. Show her tummy.

Lissie is definitively with babies. She shows us proudly her tummy.

Exciting happenings for Curiouspinks. Our Black Bambino Lizzie is starting to get ready to give birth to her kittens. Her husband Cupid, our Elf stud is biting his nails in anticipation. We think this litter of kittens will be very exciting. There can come Dwelf, Elf, Bambino and Sphynx kittens from this combination. Colours can be black, blue and white, black and blue, and other not so common combinations.